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I help coaches, therapists, personal trainers, artists, musicians, yoga teachers and others who have existing businesses to move or expand their in-person work online and

I help professionals transition from jobs that they feel stuck in, to creating their dream online business.

I also offer therapy, coaching, and sound healing to entrepreneurs and business owners. Helping you through stuck points and giving you a healing space for the challenges that come up in your life. 

Some Programs and Services I offer: 

therapy and coaching for entrepreneurs ireland
Therapy and Coaching

Become the happiest person you know! Personal Growth is an essential part of life and your business! At the end of the day, your business is only as good as YOU are. 

I offer 1:1 Transpersonal Coaching sessions online, as well as Sound Therapy sessions in person. You can read more about my therapy training here.

I also host small group workshop days for entrepreneurs and business owners, keep an eye on my emails for details. 

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Become a SuperPreneur

Join the Superpreneur Academy, a private Community for heart-centred entrepreneurs who has a passion for personal development. or join our popular12-Week SuperPreneur Coaching Program if you would like to take your business online or our intimate SuperPreneur Mastermind to help expand your business. Wherever you find yourself on your entrepreneur journey, there is a space for you as a heart-centred, purpose-driven business owner. 

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Take your Business Online

Have your website, email and CRM system, online payments, as well as online programs or your very own podcast all in one place, with the All-in-Onderful Kajabi platform. Perhaps you have thought about transitioning your loyal clients, from 1:1 sessions to a membership? Where they have access to your skills and expertise 24/7 without you needing to be available for additional hours. I offer a "Done For You" service or I can coach you to create your own  platform.

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Hey there, I'm Jo-Anne :)

I'm so glad you have landed on this page :) I believe that people cross paths when they are meant to, and when they do, it is up to them to be open to the learning each brings to their perspective journeys... Okay...okay... before you think... "oh no! another one of those people who are all about hippie beliefs and love-and-light..." let me tell you little bit more about me. 

I've been in private practice since 2009, and have built a successful psychotherapy and sound therapy practice since... AND during this time I have encountered most if not all the pitfalls of having your own business as well as juggling having a successful online presence. 

I have pivoted my business online in the last couple of years, so that I can concentrate on the core values of my business. I'm the founder of Hummingbird Mentoring and I love helping other business owners create and sustain successful businesses online too. 

So I love to help my clients with both... Growing themselves and Growing their businesses! I love love love helping you find and overcome the blocks that are stopping you from expanding your business or stopping you from taking that big brave plunge into your dream. I also specialise in helping entrepreneurs like you to create a thriving online business and automated system on a world-class online platform.  

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Jo-Anne Mac Millan | Therapist | Coach | Entrepreneurs | Business Owners | Take your business online

Would you like to join a private community of heart-centred Entrepreneurs who truly get what it's like to run your own business? For only €8.88 p/m!!

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