I can help you create a beautiful website and a range of services to suit you and your business! 

Creating a thriving business online with an All-One-Platform called Kajabi, you do not need anything else. 

Have your website, email and CRM system, online payments, as well as online programs or your very own podcast all in one place! 

Or perhaps you have thought about transitioning your loyal clients, from 1:1 sessions to a membership? Where they have access to your skills and expertise 24/7 without you needing to be available for additional hours. 

The possibilities are endless in how you can continue to serve your clients, even when you want to "wind down" your practice!

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I offer a "Done For You" Service or I can Coach You to create your own Kajabi platform. 

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Hello, I'm Jo-Anne

If we haven't met, you can read more about my background here

But in a nutshell... I've been in private practice as a Psychotherapist and Sound Therapist since 2009, combined with being a "tech-junkie" (I know! odd combo, right?!) I have always loved creating my own websites, became really good at it,  which lead to fellow therapists asking me to do the same for them. 

In 2015 I started pivoting my business online slowly but surely. I started to look at how I can move more of my services online and stay in contact with my clients, in many different ways - from supportive emails, to online programs and live webinars. As well as offering online payments and a booking system, saved time for me and my clients. 

Needless to say, when 2020 came around, I was well versed in supporting my clients and offering my services online. Which was a huge advantage! 

But that also meant, that I was able to help others to do the same. Which turned out to be work that I absolutely love to do! 

Help you to create and express your unique offerings and ways of working on an online platform. In other words, creating a digital version of YOU! 

I found that my years of working as a psychotherapist has made me especially good at "profiling" or "capturing" people's personalities and what they are about on their websites. 

I love helping entrepreneurs, and business owners, who are in a place of service to others, to create a thriving online business. And I would be delighted to help you too! 

All The Tools You Need To Move Your Business Online

Working on Kajabi, the world-class platform I use to create your online business, I can offer you the following:

✅ Your own customised Website.

✅ A state of the art email system.

✅ Your own blog, to write articles about your services.

✅ Integrated payment system - so that clients can pay for their sessions or bookings on your website.

✅ Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Let's do it!

✅ Online Programs that take your clients through a step-by-step process with your expert guidance.

✅ What about membership? Would you like to create supportive tools, host live meetings weekly or monthly. Create a supportive community for your clients on a topic that you are passionate about. 

✅ Integrate your online booking system with your website and payments. 

✅ A customised branding package tailored to your unique energy and service (if needed) and full setup of your website. 

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Tina O'Dwyer

I describe Jo-Anne as a ‘rare find’. 

In one person, I have found a coach and mentor who provides amazing support in a whole range of areas essential to me and my business: entrepreneurship, business strategy, digital curation and, of course, professional and personal development.   

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some of my gorgeous clients

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Juanita Griffin

I have only Jo-Anne to thank for pushing me outside my comfort zone and teaching me that anything is possible. She has made me realise it all comes down to making that decision to follow your passion and dreams because when you are on your right path in life everything will fall into place. Personal development, online business training, along with deep soul searching, working with Jo-Anne has taught me that yes I can move bloody mountains!

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Michelle O'Connor

Jo-Anne helped me transition my business from WordPress onto Kajabi over a couple of days. It was so easy and stress-free I wish I’d done it much sooner. We co-created new products and services that enabled my business to reach a whole new level of financial success. The investment in working with her helped me reach my goals faster than trying to do it on my own.

Thank you Jo-Anne for helping me achieve my dreams of an abundant successful business & life. 

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