Intū:it Method


What is involved in the Intū:it Method?

The Intū:it Method (TM) is a method created by me to help my clients to explore themselves as a "whole being". I have included the best of all the different therapies and modalities that I have trained in since 1998 and created a method that is bespoke to each client. 

An Intū:it session could include any of the following practices and therapies:

  • Exploring of the emotional / spiritual issue at hand
  • Psychotherapy techniques
  • Deep Meditation
  • Active Visualisation
  • Energy Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Spending time outside in Nature
  • Dream exploration
  • Art Therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Moving Meditation
  • Drumming
  • EFT (Tapping)
  • Proprioceptive writing

Each Intū:it session is unique and designed around what you need from the session. 

Many of the Intū:it techniques are designed to help you get more in touch with your inner GPS aka your intuition and inner guidance. 

Learning these intuitive methods are aimed at empowering YOU to be in charge of your own healing journey! 

I believe that YOU have the answer to the next step on your healing journey! And I am at your service to help you uncover what that next step is for you! 

Through the Intū:it Method I will teach you how to tap into your own inner wisdom and guidance and how to know when you are actually on the right track! 

Answer the call...

One-To-One Sessions

I offer one-to-one Intū:it sessions at my office in Kilcornan, Co. Limerick. Each session is booked for a morning or afternoon session. This means we get to spend 3 - 4 hours together. Please see the guidelines of how to prepare for your Intū:it Session. 

I have limited availability for these sessions, which means they are often booked out for weeks in advance. Please get in touch as soon as possible to book your session if you are interested for one-to-one time. 



I offer Intū:it workshops and group sessions for small groups (no more than 10 participants). Depending on the group, we can design the layout of the workshop according to what the common needs are. 

Themes generally include:

  • How to hear my intuition?
  • How do I know when my inner guidance is right?
  • How to apply intuition in the workplace?


Intū:it Community

I have an online membership available with supportive products and online programmes that will help you to get more in tune with your intuition. We also get to hang out once a month on an LIVE Webinar with Q & A. This also provides a very loving and supportive tribe where you can freely express your experiences and fully be yourself!

Contact me for details. 


How to make an appointment...

If you would like to make an appointment or book a group, please feel free to contact me on 086 166 2157 or [email protected] 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest Regards, 


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