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Love what you do... Do what you love... 

I love co-creating with my clients... So many times I've met clients and they are utterly burned out from giving too much... or they have fallen out of love what they do... 

Some clients have just literally hit an emotional wall and cannot seem to grow beyond a certain point, both in themselves or scaling their business. 

I totally believe you can have all the business "know-how" and skill in the world, but if you do not make personal growth a priority, your business will become stagnant too. Entrepreneurs need to create and their businesses grow and change as they do... 

I hope you enjoy some of the stories my clients have shared... 

Juanita Griffin

Little Spoons of Happiness

First time I met Jo-Anne was at one of her Superpreneur Workshop weekends. I was instantly drawn to her confident yet very gentle manner. I found it really easy to talk to Jo-Anne from the very beginning, she had the presents of an old friend even though we had only just met.

I had originally reached out to Jo-Anne for my own personal development, I remember commenting on how I wished I could be as confident as herself especially when it came to public speaking. 

Fast forward 12 months of working with Jo-Anne I am now making YouTube videos for my very own channel along with running live workshops teaching my lifelong passion that I never ever thought I would pursue.

I have a new sense of freedom and confidence to just go for it! I have only Jo-Anne to thank for pushing me outside my comfort zone and teaching me that anything is possible.

She has made me realise it all comes down to making that decision to follow your passion and dreams because when you are on your right path in life everything will fall into place.

Personal development, business training, along with deep soul searching, working with Jo-Anne has taught me that yes I can move bloody mountains!!

Lauren McGee 

LIT Photography

'I met Jo-Anne at a workshop last year, and instantly felt a connection. She has the most wonderful energy and a way of making you feel safe immediately. So this year when I realised I was at a point in my life, business and self where I needed to dig deeper to move forward, I thought of Jo-Anne. Over the course of the last few months, during a time where the world has gone upside down, instead of drowning in the anxiety that I have always suffered; I've been working on myself. I had the tools to manage my mind and the anxiety and depression when they creep in; but I knew there was another way. I just needed help to find that way. That's where Jo-Anne has been invaluable. During my time with her I can process and learn in a safe space. I can address the traumas and thoughts that have manifested themselves in ways I didn't even realise. I have been able to understand and change how I view myself and my life. 

The impact of this work has been life changing in so many ways. From the relationships I have with those closest to me, like my partner, kids and family; to the way I interact with clients. I feel amazing. I feel invigorated. And I feel at peace for the first time probably in my whole life. I have seen huge growth in my business and at a time when my business was undoubtedly in trouble thanks to the impact of Covid, I have been able to pivot and grow. This work has helped me align my internal goals and values and, in a nutshell, figure out who I am. I truly had no idea. And it's a journey that I'm excited to continue thanks to Jo-Anne. 

I can't put into words how grateful I am to Jo-Anne for being my guide, coach, mentor and support as I become the person I was always destined to be.'

Michelle O'Connor

O'Connor Executive Search

Jo-Anne helped me transition my business from WordPress onto Kajabi over a couple of days. It was so easy and stress free I wish I’d done is much sooner.

We co-created new products and services that enabled my business to reach a whole new level of financial success. The investment in working with her helped me reach my goals faster than trying to do it in my own.

Thank you Jo-Anne for helping me achieve my dreams of an abundant successful business & life. 

Tina O'Dwyer

The Tourism Space

I describe Jo-Anne as a ‘rare find’. 

In one person, I have found a coach and mentor who provides amazing support in a whole range of areas essential to me and my business: entrepreneurship, business strategy, digital curation and, of course, professional and personal development.     

I worked with Jo-Anne during 2020 – a challenging time but also an opportunity for me to re-examine my business and my role and performance within it.  Over a series of ½ day sessions, some in person and some on Zoom, we worked through vision, strategy and course development ideas.  We then brought it further and ‘translated’ my ideas and knowledge into online supports with wonderful automations, that not only serve my clients better but also serve me much better!    

As an entrepreneur, you have to be many things.  It’s wonderful to work with somebody who knows that at first hand and also has a diverse and rounded skill-set to meet you just where you’re at. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Jo-Anne and look forward to working with her more in the future.