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As a therapist you...

love taking your clients on a journey of transformation

adore helping others improve and heal their own lives

have a passion to help others tap into their true potential

are elated when your clients make breakthroughs and get those lightbulb moments

feel it is your purpose to help your clients tap into their natural healing potential

BUT you also...

get overwhelmed with your client load at times

burnout from overworking and overdelivering

want to move away from the solidarity of 1:1 work

would love to impact more people, but there are only so many hours and energy in the day. 

have to take as little time off as possible, because if you don't see clients, you don't get paid

Does any of the above sound familiar?

You are not alone!

Some of my most heart-centred clients are therapists and they LOVE what they do.

They overwork and overgive for many reasons.

They want to specialise in a specific field, but are afraid to show away any clients or fear they have to take any clients that come their way because they do not want to show away any "income". 

So they feel trapped in this weird money-time-client dance. 

They dream of raising their fees, but wouldn't dare, because it will be more than the average "going-rate". 

They often undervalue their knowledge and expertise and therefore undercharge. 

They would love to grow their practice in a sustainable and ethical way, that feels good to them energetically and financially. 


Transforming your private practice 

  • Free up your time
  • Stop swopping time for money, by serving your clients in a different way. 
  • Make a bigger impact
  • Create a signature online program 
  • Build a membership or online community 
  • Move your 1:1 work to group work online
  • Turn your expertise and years of experience into a certificate program
  • Live in a warmer climate during the winter without it interrupting your cash flow. 

Transform Your Private Practice

You have a dream or idea

You are looking for clarity and guidance

  • 12 Week Coaching Program
  • Step by Step Guidance to help you create your dream online business
  • Get clarity on your dream
  • Get clear on your market and your ideal clients
  • Create a Signature Program
  • Be ready to build your program online
  • Be ready to launch your program in person
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Take your Existing Business online

You have an existing business

You are looking for knowledge and skill

  • You have an existing business that you love
  • You have existing clients who you love to serve
  • You want to upgrade your online presence
  • You want to move your work online
  • You want to expand your current services with online programs
  • You want to create a membership for your already thriving community
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I want to start online business

Lucia Guerin

It is my pleasure to recommend Jo-Anne and her Superpreneur program. The program itself was really well organised and well structured and Jo-Anne's gentle yet encouraging and insightful leadership has really helped me see so much more clearly what I wish to offer and has given me lots of really great tools to help keep me on the road to success. Jo-Anne clearly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and I really appreciated the other aspects of her knowledge too... her intuition, her genuine positivity, her fun and mostly her belief in me. I am delighted to be continuing to work with Jo-Anne as I continue to work on my business.