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Do you feel...

stuck in a job or business that isn't fulfilling

you have a great idea, but have no idea as to how will make a business out of it

tired of the 9-5 and the "rat race" you are caught in

bored out of your tree, and your current role lacks energy and excitement

like your creativity is stifled in your current job

you have gone as far as you can in your current career and you are ready for a new challenge

you are not ready to "retire" and have a lot more to offer

stressed about going back to the job you had before, and have an opportunity to create a new career now. 


Having an online business means... 

  • Having Flexible working hours
  • You can pursue your Passion
  • Making a bigger impact
  • You can help people and earn a good income
  • Build a membership or online community 
  • Love what you do and do what you love
  • Turn your expertise and years of experience into a product
  • Earn a healthy income while getting to live your passion
  • Live in a warmer climate during the winter without it interrupting your cash flow. 

You need...

  • someone to show you how to create an online business
  • a guide to show you the steps to go from idea to having an actual online business
  • to know what equipment and software you need to start an online business
  • someone who can show you how to create content for your online program/membership
  • an expert to take the fear out of the "tech" needed to run your online business. 


SuperPreneur Coaching Program

You have a dream or idea

You are looking for clarity and guidance

  • 12 Week Coaching Program
  • Step by Step Guidance to help you create your dream online business
  • Get clarity on your dream
  • Get clear on your market and your ideal clients
  • Create a Signature Program
  • Be ready to build your program online
  • Be ready to launch your program in person
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Take your Existing Business online

You have an existing business

You are looking for knowledge and skill

  • You have an existing business that you love
  • You have existing clients who you love to serve
  • You want to upgrade your online presence
  • You want to move your work online
  • You want to expand your current services with online programs
  • You want to create a membership for your already thriving community
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Niamh Bohane

When I started on the Superpreneur path with Jo-Anne, I had a vague idea that I wanted to work for myself and little else. Through the twelve-week journey, which flew by, I learned where and how to focus my energies, as well as engaging in lots of exploration around why. Jo-Anne’s program is deep and wide, encouraging reflection and hard work in equal measure. It spans a range of topics from self-development exercises like investigating money mindset blocks to practical tools for branding and social media skills. But most precious of all was the time I got to spend in the company of Jo-Anne and the community of Superpreneurs. As well as learning from others’ experience and insights, I got to connect weekly with the joy and enthusiasm that Jo-Anne brings to every encounter. She is always positive and encouraging and as a professional is constantly learning and innovating to bring the best and most useful guidance to the Superpreneurs under her care. And there is a real sense of care and support in this community, led by Jo-Anne and her commitment to maximising the potential of every entrepreneur and business. I can’t recommend the Superpreneur course highly enough. Six months on, I have started a business that feels right for me and I’m looking to the future with ongoing support from the Superpreneur community.