Making the most of an Online Session

If you have clicked on this blog post you are more than likely thinking about booking or maybe have booked an Online Session with a therapist or supervisor... 

Online Sessions are becoming more popular as many therapists find the need to connect with their clients online and vice versa. 

If you are thinking about booking an online session I would like to offer you four tips to make the session as supportive as possible...

Make sure you have privacy

Maybe you could use your office, home office or maybe a spare room in your house. Ask your colleagues (if at work) / family or house mates not to disturb you during this time, as you are on an important call. 

Make sure to use earphones or headphones

Apart from the sound being a lot clearer when using headphones, it also offers more privacy for you. As the sound coming from your computer or mobile device would be for your ears only. 

Turn off distractions

Turning off any background noise like radios and televisions...

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