Happy World Sound Healing Day

selfcare Feb 14, 2021

Happy World Sound Healing Day and Happy Valentine's day! 
There's always so much to celebrate ... 

Sharing sounds to heal, relax and soothe has been my joy for the last 10 years as many of you know! Sometimes sounds, melodies and music can express what words can’t. And the resonance of healing sounds can reach places in us that have not been attended to in the longest of times.

Enjoy this day and if you are not feeling the love today... open up your heart to the beautiful sounds from the Koshi chimes in this short video, filled with vibes to soothe and heal and hug those places in you that hurt.

A “Hug-o-gram” if you will 

Just for a moment open up to the thought that you are sooo loved and let these sounds embrace you.

And if you want to share a little love with the world today...

Every year on the 14th of February, people throughout the planet join together at 12 noon to tone the heart sound “AH” for a minimum of 5 minutes with the intention of radiating love. People all over the world create a heart wave of sound that resonates around the planet.

World Sound Healing Day was started in 2002 by Jonathan Goldman, the founder of the US Sound Healers Association. Every year, more people from more countries have joined in. So join me and so many others to send some love vibes throughout our world... it certainly needs it! 

Have a Be-YOU-tiful day! 

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