There is ALWAYS enough Cake!

entrepreneur mindset Mar 18, 2021

This blog post is based on a story I read in Casey Truffo's book "Wealthy Therapist" about not having enough cake! Or more specifically it is about the fear of "not having enough" or suffering from "lack-thinking". 

These might be thoughts or beliefs about:

  • Money - "I will not make enough money" or "People can't afford my product or service"
  • Yourself or Your business - "I am no good at selling what I do" or "I am not as successful as other businesses in this field"
  • Not having "enough" - "I don't have enough clients" "I don't have enough Sales" "I don't have enough exposure" etc. 
  • The Market - "the market is saturated" "too many people are doing it" 
  • And many other areas - you fill in the blank... 

These thoughts can be quite common for Entrepreneurs!! Do you relate to any of the above statements?

Perhaps before we continue with the blog, let us tell you about Casey's Cake Story... 

Casey Truffo is a successful business coach and he specifically helps therapists to have successful and thriving practices. So, on this particular day, she had a session with her own mentor and coach, who asked her to notice how often does she think in terms of "not having enough". At first, Casey laughed this off and retaliated with "sure, that's not me! I help people to work through areas of lack and lack thinking! that is definitely NOT me!" So her coach encouraged her, just to notice if and when she has thoughts of not having enough. Casey agreed to the set task and went to lunch after her session. She decided to go to her favourite Salad Bar nearby. She got her tray and plate and started filling it with salads and what not when her eyes skimmed the dessert table... There was just ONE piece of chocolate cake left!! She was manoeuvring all over the restaurant and between other customers, willing them out of her way, to get to the dessert table and get that last piece of cake, BEFORE anyone else does! 

She finally got there! Hands trembling with excitement and a very chuffed feeling that she outwitted everyone, and got to the last piece of chocolate cake! Very pleased with herself, she paid for her food and sat down to eat, when her eyes glanced up and saw the steward bring out a whole new freshly baked chocolate cake and put it on the dessert table! 

She started to laugh out loud! "Me! having any thought of lack or not enough! Only 30 minutes after I denied it to my coach!" She realized that these fears do not always show themselves in the "BIG" and "IMPORTANT" things, but very often in the smallest of ways. A very big lesson for her! While she was so worried that there is not going to be any more cake and kept her focus on the "scarcity" or "lack" thereof. She did not know, trust or believe that there was any more cake to be had in the place that actually makes it!! 

So we would like to put the same challenge to you today... To notice how often do you have thoughts of "lack" or "not enough", and How do these thoughts/beliefs block you from Attracting Your Perfect Clients? Remember this quote by Henry Ford...

"Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't... Either way, you are RIGHT!"

 To help you with this I have put together a strategy in the form of 

C - A - K - E

Using this acronym you can take the right action to help overcome the limiting self-beliefs and eradicate "lack-thinking"

C = Confidence

Check with yourself if you have confidence in what you are doing or in the product or service that you are selling/promoting. If you find that you are unsure of yourself in certain areas or not confident in what you are doing or selling, you seriously need to address this, for at least two reasons. One is for your own personal growth and belief and the other is that your client(s) will feel when you are not confident in what you do or how you do it or in the product that you are selling. You have to remember our energy speaks before you even say a word! 

A = Ask for Help

If you feel you are lacking confidence in either your own ability or in the product that you are selling - ASK for help! Whether you go to a life and business coach that can help you bust through whatever confidence issues you might have or if you need to go to someone in your company or team, Do it! Ask them to help you with a certain aspect of the product or get to know more about the product so that you can sell it with full confidence! which brings me to the next crumb of the CAKE!

K = Knowledge is power

When we know where the confidence issue is, then we can do something about it - or not! your choice! but if you keep your head buried in the sand, hoping that you will grow confidence from somewhere... that is not going to happen! Investigate! Stay curious and open-minded and in a state of learning, then you will know what you are dealing with and how to grow from it. The same goes for your product, if you do not know your product, you are not going to have confidence in selling your product! If you know your product inside out, you will not be afraid if clients ask the weird and awkward questions, because you will know the answer! and answer it with confidence! How many of you have bought a product, because someone you know uses it and has told you about it? No selling involved, just sharing knowledge! 

E = Eliminate negative Self Talk

This last bite of this piece of CAKE is to eliminate the "stinking thinking"! The Negative Self Talk and that nasty inner voice that tells you how bad you are at what you do, or how people will not "get" what you are doing or that you are so "bad" at selling or "closing" deals. Negative Self Talk is detrimental to self-confidence and confidence overall as an Entrepreneur! Most of us need to work on this at some point in our lives and sometimes for the rest of our lives, but it is so important to remove negative thinking and self-talk, just like you would pull weeds from a garden!

Fill your mind with positive affirmations, focus on your abilities and what you do well, write down and celebrate your daily successes and one of our favourites is to write a gratitude list at the end of every day! There are so many things you can do to help eliminate Negative self-talk, but whatever method you choose, make sure to fill your mind with uplifting positive information, surround yourself with good positive people and "de-weed" the mind as much as possible!

So there you have it! You can have your CAKE and eat it too! By the way... Casey went on to tell, that she ended up eating her "last" piece of cake, as well as a second freshly baked warm piece, and she savoured every last bit of it! Realising there is ALWAYS enough cake!

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