What is a Talking Stick?

#newsletter #stick #talking Mar 30, 2020

The talking stick, also called a speaker's staff, is an instrument of aboriginal democracy used by many tribes, especially those of indigenous peoples of North America.

The talking stick may be passed around a group, as multiple people speak in turn, or used only by leaders as a symbol of their authority and right to speak in public.

I often use a Talking Stick during my workshops or groups. The stick gets passed around in the group, and whoever holds the stick has the opportunity to speak while the rest of the group listen. As a sign of respect and deep listening, no one interrupts the speaker as they are talking, until they pass on the stick to the next person. 

When the stick is passed on, the whole group will acknowledge the person who have spoken by saying "A'ho!! or "Sia!!"

I love using a talking stick in groups as it ensures everyone is heard in the group and everyone is acknowledged. 

That is why I have named my Monthly Newsletter "Talking Stick" as it gives me a space to tell you what is going on, what is upcoming but also sometimes share my views or insights with you. But in return I pass the stick on to you, and invite you to let me know how you are... what is going on, or your views about something. So why not join me on my Monthly Talking Stick and join in on the conversation. 

Much love,