Retreat Yourself - Celebrating the festive season in a different way!

personal Dec 12, 2021

I've had the pleasure to work with Tina and The Tourism Space for the last couple of years. If you are in the Tourism Industry, you need to check them out if you have not already. You are missing out on an amazing community! 

Yesterday Tina and Aoibheann, organised the most amazing Christmas get-together for The Tourism Space team and associates. Can I just say, Tina's choice for the day really reflected so much of what The Tourism Space team stands for...

It was locally organised, in Clare, everyone is from the Banner County, so we did not have to travel far distances which minds that all-important carbon footprint. 

It was at a beautiful local 14th-century venue (Ballyportry Castle), with a local company "Retreat Yourself" run by Caroline Rouine and Tanya Ranalow. 

It had all the important components that are really important to all of us that attended. 

Supporting local people, local businesses and the environment.  

When we arrived at the amazing venue - Ballyporty Castle - we were met with warm welcomes, a cosy fire and coffee and tea on arrival. the smell of lunch to come, prepared by the amazing Tanya Ranalow, filled our senses and it felt like walking into a warm and inviting home on Christmas morning, not a 4 story castle! 

After tea/coffee and getting to know each other - some of us have only ever met each other online - which was a real treat in itself.
We then had a tour of the castle, all the way to the roof. What a beautiful place, and beautifully restored over the years. 

This followed by a scrumptious lunch, prepared by chef Tanya! It was a feast for the senses! Delightful flavours and combinations - just beautiful! 

In the afternoon we were guided by Caroline for a short walk into the Burren, and even though we were met by good ole Irish winter weather, it was a great walk and just beautiful being in the magical Burren. 

Arriving back at the Castle we were welcomed with some mulled wine and orange-chocolate energy balls. We changed into some dry gear and went into the great room for a yoga session with Caroline. 

We massaged all the tension in our feet with myofascial release, we had downwarddogged, planked and warriored the afternoon, and of course ended with a beautiful relaxing savasana. 

Back downstairs we were met with a beautiful Christmas feast once again. Seriously lads! your tastebuds have not lived!! 

All in all, it was a magical day! The warmth of community, interesting people and stories, gorgeous food, moving your booty and being in a unique Irish landscape and building! What's not to love! 

Thank you again to The Tourism Space for such a great day of connection and exploration. Happy Christmas! 

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