No Mud No Lotus!

bizlessons entrepreneur personalgrowth Dec 09, 2021
No Mud No Lotus Personal Growth Business

We have to keep expanding ourselves to keep growing our business but by golly! Is the opposite true as well!

Striving for new goals, new income targets, more clients, bigger social media reach or increased databases is all part of a growing business…

Reaching for new levels in your business means needing to reach for new levels in yourself too!

If you have been following me for a while, you know this is one of the fundamentals I believe in “Your Business is only as good as YOU are”.

Especially if you are in a place of service to others, or you are in a business where YOU are your product!

We can only take our clients as far as we have gone, so therefore it is imperative that we keep doing our personal development and growth work.

Recently, however, I have found myself in a place where I experienced it from the other end. My business outgrew me! Ha!

Let me explain. I have been growing and cultivating a beautiful tribe, a platform I love serving from and expansion is natural… and recently I found a block… I investigated, as to what is halting the growth…

Usually, there are systems that can be tweaked or refined, things to eliminate, automate or delegate… but there was no delegating this! The block was me…

Yup! Upon further digging and investigation, I came across some deep-seated beliefs, old murky memories and feelings, where I thought there can’t possibly be more work to be done in this… but… TADAAA!!!

I couldn’t outsource this… I had to do the work. The ego firmly comes in to say: “but you have done this work already, why are you still stuck here” and then just meeting it with as much gentleness and compassion as I can muster “yes but you have not gone to thís level of the work yet” (which is a feat in itself… us entrepreneurs can be very hard on ourselves)

It was strange, to say the least... being out of alignment with my business and not my business being out of alignment with me... that in itself was a new experience and challenge.

“conscious business” is so rewarding on so many levels, but man! can it take you to places that you thought long healed and forgotten. Taking responsibility for the muck and the mud can be super challenging.

It can be so much easier to "fix the thing" outside of ourselves... but so rewarding when we can grow out of the mud like the lotus and reach toward the light and show up in the world in the fullness of where we are at.

If this speaks to you and you can relate.. I would love to help you get out of the muck if you feel stuck in your business or private practice.

Come on a 12-week journey of discovery and growth and join me on the SuperPreneur Coaching Program - as some of my previous clients have said… “It’s life-changing”

Click here for more details about what is involved and how you can join.

Let’s get you and your business (or idea) growing in 2022!

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