Looking Back on 2020

mindset Dec 13, 2020
joanne.ie looking back on 2020
Many of you would love to see the back of 2020 I’m sure... 🤗 let’s face it... it was a fertiliser kind of year! 😉
Looking back at 2020... I can surely focus on everything that didn’t go according to plan... everything that didn’t work out... and people we were separated from for so much of the year, birthdays and funerals missed, celebrations in isolation... and who has tried to “date” during 2020... meeting prince charming has not been a barrel of laughs anyway! 😅
But you see... all shadow sides have a light side... we live in a world of duality... up down left right front back dark light yes no shit fertiliser...
Looking back at 2020 I choose to fix my gaze and all that worked out... beautiful moments and connections that came out of being physically separated, new appreciation for the everyday-things that get taken for granted. Drinking in every moment when you get to see friends or loved ones in the flesh - feeling those hugs on the deepest level. Enjoying more time in nature - because we had nothing but time. And because of stretched time, making important changes, reaching goals, investing in myself and my business, finding strength and courage to take leaps, have difficult conversations and do things that I never thought I had to do. Having to think creatively and out of the box (has anyone else discovered the unbelievable miracle that is “No More Nails”?) Having to ask for help and realising I don’t have to do it all alone.
Yes there were plenty of things to be sad about and wimper about, But there were even more things to celebrate and be joyful about, if you’re willing to scratch the raw surface of 2020... there is so much beauty and joy and richness.
This is where shite becomes fertiliser dear friend... we can either wallow in the sewer of what 2020 was or we can choose to use 2020 as the best darn fertiliser on the market (biz idea anyone?) and see how much you have grown this year and will continue to grow as the fertiliser is truly rich... 💩
As you see the last two weeks out of 2020... choose to focus your gaze on what was good, look back at what you have achieved and all the new possibilities that are birthed as a result 💖
Let’s get Intū:it!

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