News Flash: You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea!

entrepreneur Mar 16, 2021
I know right?! How can someone not love what you do or the products and services that you offer??!!! I mean... it’s brilliant!
It can be really discouraging if you find someone critical of your work or writes those nasty comments on your social media posts.... or heaven forbid... ask for a refund because they didn’t get any value from your online programme (even though they downloaded all the material and content, just before your money-back guarantee ends) I know... I hear ya! It sucks!
But here’s the thing... not everyone will love or even like what you do... and that is perfectly okay! They are not your ideal customer or client if they are not in alignment with what you do or how you think.
Being clear on your ideal client and who you love to serve is of utmost importance in your business... and will lessen the “punch in the gut” when we get the “negative” feedback.
Instead of focusing on the people who do not like or agree with what you do... focus on those who do! And how you can serve them really well! Remember energy flows where attention goes. Choose to put your attention on your clients who value your service and offerings.
If you are confused about who your ideal clients or market is... this is just one of the topics we will cover in the SuperPreneur Mastermind 2.0. So that you can have crystal clarity about who you are serving and why!
Visit if you want to know more or organise a connection call.
You deserve to have gorgeous clients who get you and value you, your expertise and your service!

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