Connecting with your inner wolf....

selfcare Sep 07, 2021

I was lying on my back on the soft forest earth... fresh ozone smells coming from the lush forest we were in. 

I am held by mama earth, but I am not alone. I am in a group of amazing creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners - coming together for the purpose of inner connection or "time-out" for themselves. 

We are also held by the group leader - Master Wolf, ex-military, skilled at survival. As I am being supported by the soft earth, I hear his voice - distant but nearby at the same time - guiding us into a meditation to connect with our inner wolf... 

I love the earthy smells filling my nostrils, hearing this gentle, but firm voice guiding us into a deeper part of ourselves.... that part that "knows" and has all the answers... I spend time with my inner wolf, I have not met her in a long time, and the reacquaintance is sweet and powerful. 

I hear a sound... other than the forest sounds that are around... my brain is trying to make sense of it from this altered state it finds itself in... waves... "no I'm not anywhere near the sea..." a massive bag of tiny beads spilling out on a ceramic floor... "you are in a forest Jo-Anne..." Rain... it sounds like rain... rushing water even... "I don't even care that I will get wet" and at that moment the rains start pouring and in the forest canopy where we are sitting Mama Earth shields us from the rain.... trillions of raindrops rushing through the leaves of the trees in the forest, making the most beautiful rushing water sound and not a drop... "This is just magic" and suddenly I hear our leader's words from earlier... "You are part of the magic" I am part of the magic. Every single person here is part of the magic and experiencing this incredible moment. 

My heart feels full, I am so grateful for this beautiful display of being held and looked after, both by nature and by our leader guiding our wolfpack. 

If you have not been on a Wolf Walk with David King, I couldn't recommend it more! As entrepreneurs we get busy. We love what we do and serving our clients and our Self Care defaults to drink enough water, eat as healthy as you can and go for a walk, meditate 10 mins a day... Which is all good! and you know how I "preach" about taking your MEDS 😉 but taking a morning to connect with you, with nature and with other like-minded folks in a wolfpack is premium selfcare. 

David King is one special human being. Think all the members of the A-Team, MacGyver, James Bond, Wolverine and Major Dad all wrapped up in one, with the biggest, kindest heart and a steady flow of intuitive guidance. His passion for guiding you through the forest of your life and connecting with the magic in you is palpable. 

If you have a call to the wild in you... to connect with your True Nature, in nature or maybe you just want to be on a Wolf Walk to be led through a beautiful forest by a Master practitioner of mindfulness and NLP. Please gift yourself this experience... I promise you... this experience will leave a footprint on your heart forever.

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