Things I’ve learned in my Biz during 2020

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This seed was planted a little over 2 years ago... one of the most beautiful authors (Rebecca Campbell) signed a copy of her book for me... with THESE words... intuitively writing words that were exactly what my soul needed to hear. That day my intention and attention shifted back towards me. After a day of intention setting and beautiful practices. Her message in my book is something I often look back at as a reminder to Rise! especially on the days, I feel I can’t... I whisper these words to myself and get up once again.

I’m extending this invitation to you dear follower of this account... RISE no matter how many times you fall... RISE...

and also offering you some of the lessons I have learned in my business this year. 2020 offered (and still offers) many opportunities to RISE...

Things I’ve learned in my biz during 2020:

♾ more than ever I listened to my Inner Guidance this year. Learning to Trust it with every decision. Finding new ways to utilise my intuition in my business and life was and continues to be HUGE for me this year.

♾ persistence pays off - even on the days you feel like you can’t take another step, you’re tired and feel alone and feel like you just can’t do it anymore... take one baby step toward your goal.

♾ no matter how long ago you have written goals down... they will come to fruition when you keep “watering” them. See the previous lesson...

♾ less is more

♾ letting your true light shine not only serves you but your clients too. Having regular Self-Care practices, are vital in you shining your brilliance and showing up in true authenticity.

♾ pivoting your business model creates new energy in your biz and can reignite the passion you have for delivering your service.

♾ having someone or a group of people in your corner, believing in you and your dreams and cheering you on is vital for anyone who is “self-employed”

♾ when you value yourself more, you tend to attract clients who value you, your service and your time more. Once again, i learned that we teach others how to treat us.

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