Be a Modern Day Alchemist

mindset Sep 09, 2018

As I was sitting down to write to you today... I had gold on my mind! Yes! Gold! and more in particular the whole process of Alchemy, and how the alchemists of old, could turn lead into gold! (hey! that rhymes!) :-)

What many people do not know though, is that they were working on a metaphorical level, changing lead-heavy consciousness into golden light! The word alchemy, from the Aramaic, means"working within and through the dense darkness inside."

So that is the gold I've been thinking about... How to make heavy leaden thoughts and feelings, lighter, brighter and golden! Most of us have had the experience of a "heavy" heart or that feeling of heaviness in our souls...whether that be related to something in the world at large or an experience much closer to home. 

In the same way as the ancient principle of alchemy, we can lighten our soul's darkness - by transforming the energy we project in the world into lighter and more loving energy that can heal you and others. 

How?! I hear you ask...

Well, like everything in life there is no ONE answer, but there is YOUR answer to the question of transforming your own "lead" into "gold". I can certainly recommend one of my "go-to" practices that can help you in the alchemical process!

Turning Lead Into Gold Practice

Many people like the practice of journaling, as it gives a space and place to empty out your heart and mind, of all the swirling thoughts and emotions. A method of journaling that I like to use, and find most helpful in the transformative process of changing lead into gold is the following...

Step 1

Write about the situation, memory, the story that is upsetting you and why... write it all out! Until you feel empty... This in itself is a great practice... but it is in the second step that the transformation happens...

Step 2

When you feel emptied out, start a new page, where you write about what it / you will feel like when the situation is resolved, the forgiveness has happened, the emotion has changed into what you would rather feel... Write down in the greatest detail about what and how you will feel once the situation / emotion is resolved...

[very important] The second step of the exercise does come with a clause... you are not writing about what needs to happen in order for you to feel better, i.e. he needs to apologise and then I will be able to forgive him or she needs to change her attitude toward me, then I might be able to rekindle our relationship etc. etc. In fact you might not know what the resolution to this problem could possibly be... what you DO NEED to focus on is HOW YOU WILL FEEL when the situation is resolved, whatever that might've been... Does this make sense? So the outcome is not dependent on someone else's behaviour or situation changing - because you might not know what the best solution for this problem might be... or the way for your heart to heal... If we are dictating to life how problems need to be solved we could literally be blocking the most amazing, never-thought-of solutions to enter into our lives, in order to bring the healing.  

Step 3 

After you have written in detail what you wish to feel when Life brings her magic solution to your situation focus on amplifying that feeling in your body, heart, consciousness, continue with step 3, which is...

Meditate on the feeling for a couple of minutes... by purely holding your focus and letting your attention linger on that emotion. For instance, if you want to feel content or at peace about a situation. Practice "feeling at peace" and let your mind linger on the idea of feeling at peace... 

You might be surprised at how well this process can work for you! and it works really well if you can "side-step" the conditions that need to happen before you can feel better in step 2. Hand the details of the solution over to your God, Higher Self or Life and go straight to how it will feel when the perfect solution has come to pass... then amplify that transformative feeling through meditation. Lead -> Gold !! 

Wishing you a Super September!

May you walk in beauty,

Jo-Anne x 

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