Hey there, I'm Jo-Anne :)


Thank you for visiting my page and wanting to learn more about me... I am so happy to meet you! 

Like most people I have had ups and downs and journeys worthy of writing Oddyseys about!! lol But, you know what mama always said... what does not kill you... and if you are not a reader...  skip to the "Speed Dating version" at the bottom of the page! :)


I was born and raised in South Africa and emigrated to Ireland after college. I am an only child and grew up with two entrepreneurs! (who knew!) This fact only dawned on me in the last couple of years :) 

My dad always had his own contract business, and still does. 

My mum had multiple businesses while I was growing up! A real adventurer and amazingly courageous! She taught me so much - still does, about having faith, having courage and being brave. 

Academic & Training Background

My primary training was in Clinical Psychology and Sociology, which I completed in 2002. 

I went on to complete NLP training with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler in London in 2004. 

I then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy at the University of Limerick, and graduated in 2009.

Since then I have completed training programs and diplomas in Sound Healing, Shamanic Counselling and qualified as a Transpersonal Therapist which is the therapeutic modality I currently work in. 

I have also trained with some of the best online training gurus, like Brendon Burchard, Amy Porterfield and Marie Forleo on how you can create online training courses from what you know. 

Career and Business

When I moved to Ireland in 2002, I applied for many jobs and roles in the field of Clinical Psychology, but because of my residency status at the time, did not get any of them! But you know... when you look back on how things worked out, you wouldn't change any of it? Well, neither would I change any part of my journey settling in to and becoming a citizen of Ireland. I worked in clothing stores, delis and forecourts, hotel reception, hotel administration, I cleaned holiday homes as part of contract cleaners - you name it! All of these jobs and experiences gave me a whole other view of Ireland and the Irish people and I have made friends for life as a result. 

When I completed my Masters in Psychotherapy (while working full time!) I worked on placements within the counselling departments of 2 colleges within Ireland for 3 years to work up my accreditation hours which allowed me to become a fully registered and accredited psychotherapist with one of the main accrediting bodies in Ireland. 

I then started teaching in adult education, which I just LOVE LOVE LOVE! I still teach for both the University College Cork and Mary Immaculate College in Limerick on a contractual basis. 

I set up my Private Practice in 2009 and have grown and expanded my practice as I have, over this time! 

As part of my offerings as a therapist, I got involved in and saw the huge need for entrepreneurs to look after themselves and to keep growing themselves and their businesses. I started meeting many business owners and managers of businesses in my practice who suffer from burnout and entrepreneur fatigue. I started creating online courses and live training workshops in 2016 around Self Care for business owners and entrepreneurs - based on the MEDS eBook I wrote. 

This lead me to set up a successful mastermind for entrepreneurs that I have been running since 2019. 

I have also helped numerous successful business owners and entrepreneurs to create supportive online platforms and materials for their businesses. From websites to eBooks, email automation, online training programs etc. Check out the "Take Your Business Online" section of my website for more info on that. 

My company Hummingbird Mentoring Ltd. was born in 2021 :) tying all my skills together and collaborating with other experts to bring the best to my clients.