I'm so glad you have landed on this page :) I believe that people cross paths when they are meant to, and when they do, it is up to them to be open to the learning each brings to their perspective journeys... Okay...okay... before you think... "oh no! another one of those people who are all about hippie beliefs and love-and-light..." let me tell you little bit more about me. 

I've been in private practice since 2009, and have built a successful psychotherapy and sound therapy practice since... AND during this time I have encountered most if not all the pitfalls of having your own business as well as juggling having a successful online presence. 

I have pivoted my business online in the last couple of years, so that I can concentrate on the core values of my business. And I love helping other business owners create and sustain successful businesses online too. 

So I love to help my clients with both... Growing themselves and Growing their businesses! I love love love helping you find and overcome the blocks that are stopping you from expanding your business or stopping you from taking that big brave plunge into your dream. I also specialise in helping entrepreneurs like you to create a thriving online business and automated system on a world-class online platform.  

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Coach and therapist for entrepreneurs
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A ONE page Daily Guide to keep on top of your Action Steps to take, Calls to make and your Appointments. 

Also a daily companion that will keep you accountable to your energy, your self care, gratitude and scribbles. 

Tune in to your Daily Guide and take those Inspired Action Steps that will help you to move forward one step at a time, while taking care of YOU

therapy for entrepreneurs and business owners
counselling and therapy for entrepreneurs

Become the happiest person you know! 

You are much stronger than you think and much braver than you believe! Personal Growth is an essential part of life and your business! At the end of the day, your business is only as good as YOU are. 

Personal Growth
coaching and therapy for entrepreneurs

Create a business that thrives and you love!

Whether you want to expand your business, change direction or have fallen out of love with what you do. Let's Co-Create together, find new direction and get you back on purpose! 

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I have only Jo-Anne to thank for pushing me outside my comfort zone and teaching me that anything is possible. She has made me realise it all comes down to making that decision to follow your passion and dreams because when you are on your right path in life everything will fall into place. Personal development, online business training, along with deep soul searching, working with Jo-Anne has taught me that yes I can move bloody mountains!

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~Juanita Griffin - LSOH

I describe Jo-Anne as a ‘rare find’. 

In one person, I have found a coach and mentor who provides amazing support in a whole range of areas essential to me and my business: entrepreneurship, business strategy, digital curation and, of course, professional and personal development.   

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~ Tina O'Dwyer - The Tourism Space

Jo-Anne helped me transition my business from WordPress onto Kajabi over a couple of days. It was so easy and stress free I wish I’d done is much sooner. We co-created new products and services that enabled my business to reach a whole new level of financial success. The investment in working with her helped me reach my goals faster than trying to do it in my own.

Thank you Jo-Anne for helping me achieve my dreams of an abundant successful business & life. 

~ Michelle O'Connor - OCES

The impact of this work has been life changing in so many ways. From the relationships I have with those closest to me, like my partner, kids and family; to the way I interact with clients. I feel amazing. I feel invigorated. And I feel at peace for the first time probably in my whole life. I have seen huge growth in my business and at a time when my business was undoubtedly in trouble thanks to the impact of Covid, I have been able to pivot and grow. This work has helped me align my internal goals and values and, in a nutshell, figure out who I am. I truly had no idea. And it's a journey that I'm excited to continue thanks to Jo-Anne. 

I can't put into words how grateful I am to Jo-Anne for being my guide, coach, mentor and support as I become the person I was always destined to be.

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~ Lauren McGee - LIT Photography

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You've made my dreams become a reality!

~ Declan Nash - DNFitness

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